Aug 10, 2008

Weekends avoiding homework

Well this weekend was AWESOME. Mainly because it was full of me hemming and hawwing (yes, thats right H&H) and not studying for a final that I have in 11 hours. So here I am in the computer lab, once again wasting time and not studying for a stupid ecology final. Allow me to take a minute to tell you what I did this weekend.

Friday: Watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!! How cool was that? I was so impressed with China's ability to look like machines. It is no wonder they are so good at making machinery devices, given that their citizens are able to organize themselves like robots.
Then later that night TH arrived on a train from DC to spend about 36 hours with yours truly. Accompanied by Jess and Josh, we hitched a subway ride to the meatpacking district to see Metric!!

She was wearing this hot jumpsuit thingy that I am having Jess make for me. In gold lame. It was sexy rexy. Me and Jess danced around like little pixies and the boys loved it, puh-lease. I forget how much I love going out dancing with friends!

I think this is me trying to be sexy like Emily Haines. I just need a jumpsuit to make the transformation complete. TH is like - hey, gnomie move out of the way, I can't see. When you get a jumpsuit I will stare at you the way I am staring at Emily Haines right now. *drool

We got home at like 4 am and died until we were reborn the next morning and by morning I mean 1:30 pm. Ha. Um, whoops.

Saturday was spent a little at school - I had a couple of group meetings to attend to, but after that we took off to SoHo to eat. While we were walking around I saw a famous person walking towards me right in front of The Whole Foods.

Denise Huxtable. AKA Marie de Salle. AKA ex-spouse of Lenny Kravitz.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you - Lisa Bonet:

She was walking with her boyfriend and carrying her baby. It was so CUTE. And she was so beautiful. She had amazing skin and her and her boyfriend looked really peaceful just strolling around in SoHo with baby in tow. It was really cute.

Sad part: TH did not see her. He was too busy checking out her boyfriends tattoo. So this happened:

Gnomie: OMG, I just saw Denise Huxtable!
TH: What? Where?
Gnomie: She just passed us! Right back there (pointing).
TH: WHAT!? I didn't see her! (look of disgust and disappointment)
Gnomie: (playing the part of super-girlfriend) Let's go back and see her! Come on, lets go!

We jog about a half block. She is crossing the street with her boyfriend and baby. She is beyond reach.

Gnomie: Aww, she's gone. Sorry TH.
TH: *Sighs. It's cool. I'm still able to tell everyone that I saw Denise Huxtable's Dreads and Ass. Her D&A.
Gnomie: Yes, thats true. You'll always have the D&A.

It was a great night. And another successful NYC weekend with TH.

The next week is going to be crazy due to the following:
1. I have 3 finals before thursday.
2. I have to move by friday morning.
3. I am flying to SLC on friday.
4. I am not ready for any of these above items.
5. My youngest sister is getting married and I am edging closer and closer to being "the last one". My other unmarried sister is ready to break any day now - she is "in love and she doesn't care who knows it". It's just good clean fun.

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