Aug 7, 2008

Well its hard to live in the city

Despite all my trepidation as of late, I really am not a wuss. Dammit. I live in a big city all by myself. It is one of the biggest cities in the world, actually the 12th most populated city according to wikipedia and the 2nd most populated urban area (includes the surrounding boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc.) I moved up here ALONE, mind you. No friends to speak of and I have been so blessed to find friends. Not just people to talk to, but actual friends who I want to hang out with and respect and want to call up just to chat. That's incredibly hard to find and I've found it in a couple people! Lucky. Or blessings.

So, you see - I am not a wuss. That was reason number one.

Reason number two is that when me and Iggy went to Nicaragua, I did 2 brave things. Number 1 - I swam in the open water for a LONG TIME, which never happens on account of The Things That Live Underwater and Eat People. And number two - I didn't pass out when Iggy's shoulder separated even though I had to sit down and fan myself in the midst of her primal screams. I actually still shudder remembering those screams-they were memorable. So, see? That's brave, right?

Reason number 3: I jumped off a cliff when I was 5. It was at a waterpark and I saw everyone else jumping off the cliff, so hello - of course I had to jump off the cliff, too. But man! Totally brave. You can't tell me a 5 year old cliff jumping isn't totally kick ass.

Reason number 4: Once I went caving with my friend Loren. He was all - ok, now just climb down this hole and shimmy through the opening - it will be a tight squeeze, but you'll be ok. Oh and watch out for the big black bugs. What? Big black wh---holy crap. Huge bugs. But they were just at the entrance and you had to climb through to go caving and spray the glo-stick liquid all over the walls and have an indoor constellation party. So yeah - you bet I got down in there and crawled through the nasty. I'm brave. So what.

So yes, its true. It all started as a fledgling child and I have regressed a bit in my older years, but I WILL conquer this cockroach thing. It just takes some getting used to is all. Also getting used to all the rats that nearly crawl across my feet every night. Uck. I've all but stopped wearing sandals. Exposed toes=nibbled stumps. Gross.


Sherpa said...

You're braver than I am. I can't bring myself to blog about our cockroach problem in our newish apartment.

modestmuse said...

Cockroaches are one thing. Rats are another. I am no help there.

modestmuse said...

p.s. Whooooaaa! Love the new format, awesome photo. I like the gray, too.