Jan 26, 2009

As if I didn't get enough.

I'm back, baby. Ok, I seriously really didn't realize how much I missed NYC, but now being back - I feel home!

I love my ny friends and my ny apartment/roommates and my ny spots. I have a plan for these last 4 months that include a "culture club". At least once a month we're going to an opera/ballet/broadway show/etc. I also need to check out museums (including the Guggenheim, MOMA, and Cloisters). And lastly, the shows, people. The SHOWS. Hopefully Jess and Abby will rope me into the shows I need to attend. :)

Saturday was a trip with all the grocery shopping. My calves are burning from all the stair climbing, still today. But it wasn't enough catting around NYC, apparently. I am doing a little dress shopping today - down to Century 21 in wall street and hitting up some shops near Lincoln Center. This thursday is the opera and I want to dress the part. I have no idea what to wear to the Met, but I figure the hotter the better, right? I think that is a general rule, unless you are talking about pajamas or sweat pants.

And so I'm off. I love having less classes this semester!


JD said...

recommend "spelling bee" if you're going to a broadway...it's wet-yourself funny.

i'm sure you're upset that you're no longer hooking up with your boss everyday, though...

nomadic gnome said...

cool. i will look into it. i want to see billy elliott, too!

upset? meh. my new boss is diet coke (or, rather - my old boss reclaimed).