Jul 1, 2010

utah. the babies.

elijah getting ready for his big bobsled ride. laura and evelyn at the pool.
tanner being awesome.
tanner and brooklyn at red iguana.
tanner and brooklyn showing us around hotel rowlett.
lijah babe.
lil evie.

we had SUCH a fun time with family when we were in utah. so many babies, so little time. tanner and brooklyn cracked us up with their stories and impressed us with all the prep work they did for hotel rowlett. we loved it! and then i got to spend more time with elijah and evelyn - restaurants, the pool, the olympic park, and at their house! lijah is really cute and wants to play ALL the time. and little evie is so tiny and SO GOOD. i've never seen a baby sleep so much and be so quiet and cute. good job, evie, you are making laura's job easy.

hope we get to see you guys again soon! we're thinking a family trip is in order maybe next summer? a cabin by the lake (bear lake)? a beach house (in outer banks)? we'll talk.

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Mary said...

AWESOME pics. I really like the ones of Bananer and Brooklyn. We Jules, I hope you and I can keep up with this line of really cute rowlett babies.