Jan 3, 2012

new year, new us.

my eating theme for this year is grains, beans, and greens.
this is the year i finally learn how to use different grains than just rice and quinoa (does rice count as a grain?)
this is the year i stop eating iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers because i'm too nervous to be creative with my salads.
this is the year i start learning how to cook with kale, swiss chard, and all those other crazy leafed greens in the produce section.
and this is the year i finally learn how to cook a pot of beans and stop using all those high-sodium cans. i mean how hard can it be, really?

follow my progress at my food blog to keep me honest. my goal is to cook one new thing a week, and bake one new thing every other week. that is 52 new recipes and 26 new baked goods. i cannot wait to get started!

i have lots of other goals, most of which center around being happier with life. this is a good year, isn't it? twenty twelve. i like the sound of it.

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Laura K said...

Nothing like a freshly boiled pot of black beans. I realize that sounds a little sarcastic but I'm serious! I could snack on them