Nov 28, 2011

having henry.

settling in as a family has been the most life changing experience. people keep asking "how's it going?" and i kind of default with "sleepless!", but what i really want to say in my heart is:
so sweet.

when we found out we were expecting henry, i hadn't quite decided i was ready to be a parent. but by the time 9 months passed by, and especially with that bonus week tacked onto the end, i was so ready to meet our little baby. and now that he's here (and i am SO excited it's a "he"), mark and i keep asking ourselves what the heck we used to do with our lives. watch househunters, i guess, and going out the door only took 2 seconds, as opposed to now - 2 hours.

now, we just sit around and look at henry's little nose wrinkle, nuzzle his chubby cheeks, and play with his teeny fingers while he sleeps on our shoulder, lap, arm, etc. we've managed to get out every day for at least a walk around the block. sunday, we walked all the way to the hirschhorn museum to look at mobiles for henry. i love our family walks.

friday, we took our first car trip to hillwood estate. we aimed to get there around 2pm, but it ended up being 4pm. ahh, the life of being a new parent?
dad and hen.
Fresh Air!
Hillwood Estate with Henry.
dad, hen, and a russian cottage.


Peppermint Patty said...

I love the last picture! It looks like he's focusing so hard on sleeping (Henry, not TH). :)

naomi megan. said...

i love henry so much.

Ro Ro Riot said...

Reading about you guys being parents and seeing pictures of your Henry just makes me happy.

Jay and Heath said...

Precioso. Xoxo

Laura K said...

We lub hims.

mike said...

you guys look great. can't wait to meet him!

Laura K said...

In that first picture, can we please photo shop in some glasses for henry?

communikate. said...

This is good. I need encouraging words for parenthood. I too am still (at 29) on the fence about a being a parent. I'm hopin to jump the mental hurdle and it sounds like you are rockin' and lovin' it!

That Henry sure is a cute!