Jan 23, 2012

10 weeks old: fat baby.

10 weeks of Henry. It's been a TRIP. a terribly fun, lovey, crazy, sleep-deprived, hilarious trip. my heart grows every day i spend with him.

what is henry up to these days?
at his drs appointment today, we found out he is already 14 lbs 6 oz, which is the 90th percentile. yes, he is larger than 90 percent of other babies his size. are you kidding me? height is 50th percentile. i love having a fat baby.
he is really talking a lot lately. sometimes he'll let out a roar so loud, i think wild gazelles will come pouncing through the living room. he wakes up in the morning so happy and babbly. i love it.
he smiles at me, and i die.
he chews on his knuckles because i think he can't seem to find his thumb.
he can't seem to hold onto his pacifier, but he sure does try. same with bottles. he smiles and tries to eat, like it's a game, but it takes him awhile to figure it out.
he is almost out of his 0-3 month clothes. hello, fat baby.
just in the past few days he has started to hold onto my shoulder when i hold him. it's like a constant hug. ugh, crazy love.
he also scratches my back with his little tiny hands when i'm holding him and i'm like, oh you are definitely my baby. he knows mama loves scratchies.
his eyes are looking more blue every day.
he sleeps about 4 hours straight at night time, and takes a few naps during the day. two nights ago he slept for 6 1/2 straight hours and i swear i almost died of happiness. yay.

i'm feeling more confident and connected to him as my baby. he knows me, and the way he looks at me, i mean just stares at me -- it makes my heart burst. we totally have a love connection. this little boy is our life.


communikate. said...

he's adorable in all his chubby goodness!

Jay and Heath said...

Look at those beautiful eyes! And I love his little chubby cheeks. I love seeing you as a mamma... he is one lucky little boy! We need to chat or skype. Miss you. Xo

Lindsay said...

Freaking adorable.

P-Cute said...

he truly is so adorable <3