Jan 4, 2012

skype date.

today henry and i had our first skype date with my sister laura and her babies. it was so fun to talk with her and elijah and hear evie tell us "no!" for everything. the only thing she said to me besides "no" was "i love you" at the end of the call. i guess she likes playing hard to get. the funniest part of the skype date came when within about 15 minutes, i looked down at my quiet baby sitting on my lap and henry was asleep! what?! you're telling me that the same baby who wants to be bounced to sleep for an hour every night will just fall asleep within minutes on a skype date? that's it, i'm lining up skype dates starting now. so who wants in for tonight?

1 comment:

Jay and Heath said...

Oo oo! Me, me.... pick me! I wanna Skype date! Little Henry is a doll and I'm so glad you guys had a great New years Eve. Miss you.