Jan 19, 2012

all i do is baby stuff.

i didn't think i'd be just writing about henry all the time, but guess what? i don't really do anything else besides being his mom right now, so i really don't have that much else to write about! it's crazy how all-consuming having a baby is. i am still the same person, but i'm no longer just a "me", i'm an "us". even when you're married, you can still end up spending days or even weeks apart. but when you have a baby, good luck even going to the bathroom when you have to. i didn't realize how much my life would completely change. sometimes it is so frustrating, like lately where he's had some gassy-fussy-waking-up-screaming-every-night nights, but i always feel proud to be able to take care of him. to raise him. babies are such interesting beings, and they seem so wise in their simplicity of life. they just want to eat, sleep, and play.
i'm used to life being busy, but babies force you to just...sit.
and make faces.
and bounce.
and do things you never thought you'd do in public. haha.

last week i went on an elimination diet to figure out why henry is having such a miserable time in the gassy department. i went meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, corn-free, and cruciferous vegetables free. which pretty much means i ate a lot of potatoes, carrots, beets, and brown rice. the good news is i lost a little bit of weight cutting out breads and cheese, and the other good news of course is that henry is feeling a lot better (minus a mashed potatoes IKEA adventure. sorry henry). i'm pretty sure it's the dairy, so i'm going to start eating bread again. oh, i miss bread. and maybe one of these days i can have brie again. for the love of pete.


naomi megan. said...

lady, i hope you get a big slice of bread and brie soon. ;) glad henry is feeling better though, good mama! but man. i feel like i'd just let eleanor be gassy before i'd cut out all that food! how terrible, right? no no, i wouldn't. but that would have been the hardest week of my life. way to go julie!

it really is so sweet how they require you to just sit sometimes. and eleanor even grabs my iPhone and puts it down if i'm nursing her and on it at the same time. she likes to know my attention is still on her. and it's so sweet. and i think i need that reminder sometimes. that i can just sit and nurse and talk to her and not have to be multitasking. the world will still be there ten minutes from now....

mj said...

Been there. Sorry, it stinks. I did the elimination diet, but it didn't help at all. I'm glad you're having some success at least. And yeah, there is no adjustment like becoming a mom and it totally takes over. Truthfully, I kind of sucked at it (or felt like I did) for quite a while. It's a good thing babies are so cute! Have you read the article that was circulating FB recently about being a mom of one child? It's really compassionate and validating--I dug it.


Just in case.

Lars said...

You seriously almost made me cry for you. I missed dairy so much i would dream about it. But of course i would do it again if I had to. The things we do for those babies!

Ireland Fam said...

Have you tried a few drops of MYLICON in his milk? That stuff was a little Miracle worker for our little Lucas.

Eliza said...

Been there with the dairy thing. I cut out dairy 100% for 5 months. I have introduced a few things back in, but only here and there. Haven't drunk straight milk since August, but I have had pizza and ice cream a few times. You know, the necessary stuff. Lars doesn't really like it when I do that but now that he is eating lots of people food too, I think he can handle it better in his milk.

Good luck. You can totally do it for as long as you need to. :) I'm pretty much used to it by now and think I could do it forever if I had to.

(but I won't.)

Lindsay said...

He's so cute. I had to do the no dairy thing for a while too and it seriously sucked but when the baby is happy, everyone is happy. Good work on him, he's awesome!!