Jan 29, 2012

waking up with henry.

so this is how our 6:30/7:00 am goes.

henry: meh.

me: it's the baby.
mark: wha?
me: the baby.
mark: hmph?
me: the BAYbee.
mark: oh! ok i'll get him...(rolls back over to sleep)

henry: rrrmphhhh....maaaahhh!

me: mark! can you get the baby?
mark: (waking up suddenly) what?
me: henry is awake. can you help him?

mark gets up and shuffles over to henry's bassinet. and i roll over and go back to sleep thinking i can sleep for at least another half hour before mark leaves for work.

henry: MEH!
mark: j, i think he's hungry.
me: meh.

then we snuggle for a little bit while he eats, then he falls asleep on me. and it looks something like this:
(don't worry, he can totally breathe during the faceplant. but this photo makes me laugh so hard.)


Dana said...

It's really a cruel joke that men do not posess the baby-crying-wakeup-call gene. So unfair, Evolution, so unfair....

hanner said...

that first picture. i am dying. henry has learned planking at such a young age! i am impressed.

naomi megan. said...

i love the henry face plant photo. classic.

this is how our conversations go, too. except they are usually at 8am and i'm telling josh that kingsley is scratching at the front door to go potty. i have to tell him maybe 3x because he falls back asleep so fast. i'd let him out myself, but i usually have a baby on me eating breakfast. ;)