Jan 27, 2012

the days are long but the weeks are short.

how was he ever so little?

baby is asleep.
he stirs and i want him to stay asleep, but i also want him to wake up so we can cuddle.

laundry is folded.
kitchen is clean.
errands are run.
flowers are on the table.

...a pile of papers are sitting on the table like the leaning tower of pisa.
...a million things to do before the inevitable return to work in a few weeks.

my brain is kind of jumbly right now.

but guess who got a babysitter so she could go on a hot date with her husband tonight?! (thanks papa mickey)

happy weekend!!


Jay and Heath said...

Isn't it crazy to think he was EVER that tiny? Hope you get everything you need to get done before you head back to work. AND hope you had a fun date night, last night. :) miss you friend.

Laura K said...

family babysitters are indispensable.

The Sullengers said...

How nice to get away - it's SO important to go out as much as possible with kids! Eating has never been greater than on a date :) It's so fun to see you as a mommy - what a lucky babe and I love fat babies also, wouldn't have them any other way!

raichel said...

I totally agree with the title of your post... haha I´m just in the same situation.
Congrats for your blog tha I´ve just discovered.

greetings from Barcelona.