Apr 2, 2012

happy monday.

since henry is on the verge of rolling over any day now, we decided to phase him out of his swaddle. "it's time", i thought.
"mwah hahaha", henry thought.

we spent the majority of the weekend tending to too short naps and night sleeps on account of wandering hands scratching the face and hitting the face and etc.

last night, Mark sliced his everloving thumb off. just the tip, mind you, but where blood is concerned, it didn't make a whole hell of a difference. since i pass out at the sight of blood, i promptly excused myself to cry, and M drove himself to the emergency room where he spent the wee hours of the morning.

so there he was, not sleeping in the ER, then back home with his cartoon sized, bandaged thumb. and there i was, not sleeping in our bed, shushing and rocking and feeding henry back to sleep every hour.
what a NIGHT.
what a WEEKEND.

but i have to admit, even the hardest of nights are still sweet. i just love that little boy, and i love that husband of mine. and now when i ask him how he's doing, i get a big. huge. gauzey. thumbs up.

here's to a good week!


Liz said...

Oh my goodness, poor guy!! That's awful, and yet somehow still a really sweet post :).

Jen Evans said...

I dare say that would be my reaction too, except I'd have to yell at hubs to go to the ER and not check google for how to staunch bleeding.