Feb 29, 2012

working mom.

I'm planning to write a bit about being a working mom, and making that difficult transition back to work, but I did want to share one thing before I delve into the topic.

We were lucky to find an amazing nanny to take care of Henry (we are part of a nanny share with another family who has an adorable 6 month old girl). How do I know she is amazing? Because she sends me pictures like this:

Henry (on the left) at the park on a cold day. Just hanging out in his way too big bear suit, trying to find his hands. I die laughing every time I look at this photo. There is nothing funnier/cuter than a way too bundled up baby.


ST said...

Haha! That is really cute! At first glance, I thought Henry was on the right and just a huge stuffed animal on the left.

emily said...

he's beary cute.