Jan 7, 2013

resolutions. the january cure.

I have a pretty bad track record of keeping resolutions, but that doesn't stop me from making new ones every year! I find it helps me the most if I have a schedule or task list to help me achieve the goals.

One I make every year is FLOSS EVERY DAY. I don't know why that is so hard for me, but it is. I am creating a check list for myself so I can mark it off every day. Maybe I should offer myself a gold star - that could probably boost my efforts even more. Yes, I resort to kindergarten tactics to achieve my goals, so what.

One of my big resolutions for this year is make my home organized. I've grown accustomed to having random stuff laying around, dirty corners, ignoring those piles on the shelves, etc. Whenever I am away from home for a few days, I come home thinking - why is all this useless stuff laying around everywhere!? Why have I not hung anything up on these white, white walls?

So Apartment Therapy has come to my rescue this year with The January Cure. Every day, you are assigned a new task that is not overwhelming to make your house an organized, comfortable, pretty place to be. I spent the weekend cleaning our floors and putting flowers all over the house, including on my nightstand. Waking up with flowers next to you and putting your feet on shiny clean wood floors gives me lots of pride in my home, and gives me confidence because I feel like if I have it together at home, I can do anything!

My next resolution which I am so far 0 for 7, is exercising. But I have my running gear ready, jogging stroller is itching for a run, and guess what - the Atlas Theatre near my house has adult dance classes and I am seriously considering a walk-in tonight to Beginners Modern Dance.

Anyway, just a little insight into my hopes and dreams for this year. Good teeth and gums, clean house, and healthy heart. Here's to a better us in 2013.

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Jen Evans said...

So I looked at the first few days of this and unfortunately came to this conclusion: I don't have enough baskets. Need more baskets.