Jan 15, 2013

The sun'll come out tomorrow.

What HAPPENED this weekend?! It truly was the best of times, the worst of times, etc.

After my dumb Friday, things seemed imminently better, and they were for a minute. Saturday took me to Georgetown for a little carefree shopping trip sans-baby, then we schlepped the family (Hams included) to 2Amy's to meet up with the visiting NYCers. So fun to catch up with the old gang. After which, I stayed in the neighborhood while Mark took Henry home and put him down for the night, and I was Cristy's date to a ethereal Parisian concert at the National Cathedral. After which, we went to 2Amy's (2 times in one day - a new record!), and had some of the best girl chats I've had in forever. It was such a fun day. Until 2am hit, and I was up making friends with the bathroom. Nothing worse. Nothing worse.

The next day I was useless, so Mark took care of Henry the entire day while I laid around like a wet rag, sleeping, and moaning about my stomach. "I will never eat cheese again", I pledged, assuming this was a bad spell of lactose intolerance. Cue 2am that night, Mark was up making friends with the bathroom. The 24 hour thing hit our house. And I can't believe I thought I was that sick from cheese. Stupid.

Anyway, we are luckily all pretty much back to normal around here. I'm just waiting for poor little Hen to get sick, but so far no sign. I laid out all new clothes and towels last night because I had assumed he'd be up sick. I'm praying so hard he stays well! Nothing worse than a baby throwing up!

So now it is Tuesday. And I leave tomorrow for a couple of days for a business trip, and I feel like this week is over already! And you know what, I miss Henry. I didn't get to spend enough time with him this weekend and I've been sequestering myself from him this week. He is so much fun lately, honestly, I cannot get enough of him. He hides behind corners to jump out and say "BOO!". He reads to himself from his favorite book "Boom! Mooo! Kitty!" It's pretty great. He dances to Hot Chip with me and plays the drum and piano. I need more Henry in my life.

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Jen Evans said...

We got that bug between Christmas and New Years. One by one. And barfy babies really are the worst. Poor babies. I'm glad Henny didn't get sick. Have fun with whatever plutonium rods you visit this week!