Jan 23, 2013

A few things.

I started watching Parenthood on Netflix (since everyone else was talking about it, I couldn't resist checking it out). It's so good and so addictive.

Henry started really getting into dancing the past couple of days. He'll pick up each foot as he stomps back and forth. It's pretty irresistible.

Hen also is 14 months now. He is finally starting to eat good dinners. Not consistently, but we have a few good days each week. Typical baby dinner includes: beans (black or pinto), greens (broccoli or green beans), fruit (grapes, lately), and lentils or rice. And always, always avocado.

I went to the Green Inaugural ball over the weekend. I need to write about it, it was insanely fun. I brushed shoulders with all sorts of interesting and famous people, and I even was a reporter for a night!

My eyes were burning this past week, until I realized it was due to these makeup remover pads I've been using - CVS brand. About to throw them away and try using coconut oil. Have you tried it?

Mark and I are now starting our mornings with a hot cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon. It's supposed to flush out your kidneys and alkalize your blood. I will report back to let you know if I feel different! Trying to adopt some healthier ways of eating, and I'll start here!


hanner said...

OMG i just started parenthood on monday. i'm already addicted and teary and i hear it's only going to get worse. i love adam, so much. i wish he was my big brother.

also, i used to remove my makeup with eye makeup remover, till i realized that dove bar soap does the same thing and is cheaper!

Patience said...

coconut oil is ah-mmazing. makeup remover, all over moisturizer (for you and Hen (especially sore baby butts)), cooking oil. google its benefits and you will probably find more ways to put it to use. it also has a spf of 4-6 in it. um, yes!

i have been using it as my main moisturizer for all my parts for about a month now and my skin glows. some people say it has clogged their pores but i have not had that problem. i could go on and on but i'll stop ;). enjoy!!

MamaQ said...

i start my day with hot water and lemon, too! in fact, i drink it throughout the day. i keep a thermos full of hot water in the kitchen so i'm not constantly heating up the kettle! good stuff...