Jan 11, 2013

Looking for the bright spots

I am realizing something about myself. I am not good at understanding what is happening as it is happening. I need a few seconds, minutes, hours to process it and even after I process it, I'm like - nooo, no, that's not what just happened...was it?

I had a really crummy day today on many levels. Crum. my. But the brightest spot in my day was picking up Henny after work and we were laughing so hard together that he wouldn't go down for a nap and everytime I went back in his room to pick up his "ba-ba" (paci) he threw on the floor, he would start smiling and laughing - play with me, mama! Ahh, the bright spots.

While I'm at it, I'll list a few more happy things because I'm already feeling a little better.
1. I finally upgraded my operating system on my computer and now it will run flash again! Hooray for youtube videos!
2. I made really delicious oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies this week and had about 3 just today.
3. Our house is pretty clean, thanks to the January cure.
4. I went to lunch with 11 women from my office and it was hilarious and funny as women-only gatherings can be.
5. Also, it was a free lunch. Yay!
6. The stray cat that hangs out in our backyard is finally warming up to me and Henry, and now she waits outside our back door for us to say hello (and feed her tuna, but whatever).
7. Babies.
8. The hot pink print in my bathroom.
9. Ice cold water.

Ok, feeling better. I have a hot date planned with the mister tonight - watching a movie at home! yes! ;) so hopefully I'll shake this off and enjoy the weekend with my guys. I hope you have a nice one, too, despite this January-ness that's settled in my bones.

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