Jan 28, 2013

Henry update: 14 months

The little manchild is now 14 months old and declaring his independence at an early age. 14 months is so fun. Just getting 2  new teeth on top, which brings the grand teeth total to a whopping 6! ;)

Current likes:
Hiding around corners and stepping out to say "boo!"
Reorganizing the pantry and dressers
Music with a beat
Helping empty the dishwasher ;)
Climbing stairs
Standing on my feet while I make dinner
Putting anything through the mail slot on the door

Current dislikes:
Getting dressed
Diaper changes
Running out of cereal
A closed bathroom door
Getting in the carseat

Growing vocabulary: new words he's saying: circle, snow, boat, helicopter (coppa!), please (pees!), star, fish (shhh), Tia (gia! - what he calls his Portuguese nanny)

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