Nov 18, 2006

Tired is as tired does. And me is for scary mornings.

I stayed up until 6 AM last night, talking--no, make that Listening to boys droning on and on and on about things like computers, building decks, stereos, girls doing them wrong, business plans going awry, etc., etc., etc. I didn't have a car and I couldn't escape. I was stuck in a perpetual living room of boredom. Then I tried to do things to liven up the party. Like first we analyzed each others handwriting, and laughed at each others lack of ambidextriousity. Then I drew pictures of horses with birds. My horse looked like a dog with a really shiny conditioned wig.
After that I tried my hand at talking about eggs and fertilization. Thats when I decided to start lying because I was so bored. So I told them I don't eat eggs and we all got in a big argument. I cracked an egg into a bowl and we analyzed it. That was fun for awhile.
Then I just went back to being bored and sitting on the couch. I played with a cat for awhile, but that got old, too.
We gossiped a bit about people we collectively know.
And that was it.
I spent 5 HOURS sitting on the perpetual couch of loserville, and finally I asked one of the boys to pretty please take me home.

Now today I am sick. And I have been scowling all morning at my Dad, even though he was so nice to take me to a vegetarian restaurant last night. That was so nice of him to do because he loves steak and hamburgers, sometimes more than his children I think. So we went to a movie and I bought him a hot dog. Good thing I invested in the hot dog so I could commence with my scowling this morning. Scowl, scowl, scowl.

Now its grocery store to get ready for Gluttonfest 2006 that I don't even want to have because nobody there will be named spew or jon or heathbar or drock or eat olives off of their fingertips or eat pizzas shaped like the mayflower. Hmph.


Jon said...

That sucks, I hate when you are stuck in lame places. Kind of like being stuck in an Old Farm or Continental apartment.

Hey have you seen Stranger than Fiction? The girl that Will Ferrell falls in love with totally reminded me of you. She is quite a hotty I might add. And by that I mean that she is hot because she looks like you.

Laura said...

i think that guy is hitting on you via blog comment.

Eric said...

Are you retarded? Of course he is hitting on her via blog comment. Anyone that knows anything about Julie knows that she is unreachable perfection. If you have any doubts just look at her ass. Anyway, I mostly wanted to write in and say congrats on the East Coast Gluttonfest '06. But I swear to you that if we get in an east coast/west coast thing, I'm not playing the role of Two Pack.

Jenny said...

In complaining about girls, did any of them use this line "I treated her like a princess but she wah wah wah enter action here that you would probably high five her for"? I've heard that one. It usually means this: She is cool and finally realized that I am not.

Jon said...

If by being honest about hotness is hitting on someone, then I am guilty as charged and since when did I become "that guy." I resent that. As for the east coast/west coast rivalry, I call Notorious B.I.G. Then y'all can call me biggie and I can call everyone smalls just like in middle school.

nomadic gnome said...

Hey if people visit my blog and they are not my sisters, I fully expect them to inflate my ego by laying on the flirt.

If you want cute boys to flirt with you, get a blog. What.

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Joe said...

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