Jul 16, 2007

Things and Upcoming Things

I'd like to say the reason I haven't posted in awhile is because I've been doing amazing and interesting things. Going on trips around the world! Experimenting in my lab of very toxic chemicals, creating a cure for poverty and hunger! Flying my balloon chair around the Great Basin!

Sadly, I did none of those things. Although, it does inspire some ideas for future Plans of Fun.

I guess I can say the reason is owed to my extreme fatigue from last week. I thought it would be a fun idea to not sleep at all and instead fill my life with apartment searching, concert going, Tapas eating, etc.

Me and Iggy are looking for a new apartment in The City. We are having one hell of time, but I'm feeling good about this week. Stay tuned.

Le Loup is back on the tour circut. We went to DC9 to catch their show last week and were up close and personal. I was inches away from Christian, the lead singer and conductor and rabble rouser of Le Loup. It was very personal, and mildly uncomfortable. But they put on an amazing show! This was my 4th time seeing them, I think more than I've seen any band previously. Second in line would be Iron & Wine, who I've seen 3 times. If you are living on the east coast, please do yourself a favor and see Le Loup now.

I ate at a yummy Tapas place in Clarendon. La Tasca is a fabulous place to go, especially on a sweaty post-work evening. It is a beautiful 3 story restaurant in a very open and airy spanish styled interior. We tried the grilled asparagus, the manchego cheese (I LOVE manchego cheese!), and some smoked salmon, along with grilled fish. It was all so delicious that we were able to look past the fact that our waiter was a complete jack ass.

I made a delectable dinner of quinoa salad with black beans, corn and peppers, grilled curried tilapia w/ mango salsa, and a green salad. It was pure unadulterated satisfaction. I am also trying to master this recipe for a yummy summer sundae, but can't seem to stop the marshmallow creme from freezing on the ice cream. Anyone know any tricks?

I saw the dumbest movie ever. Please, for the sake of having children, never see Knocked Up. Especially don't see it at 12:30 AM. I want those 2 hours and 13 minutes back.

This week is shaping up to be one of the most exciting weeks ever! I'll try to post more regularly and take pictures. I lost my camera battery charger and I've been too lazy to search for it. But the documentation will soon start and I know you all wanna see pictures of my hot body...I'll get on that.


each of the two said...

i workd in an icecream store for 7.5 years and i have to say i have no marshmellow cream advice as the cream used in ice cream stores is not the kind you can buy commercially, its runnier (word?.

so i would just make the sundae sans marshmellow cream and just employ the method i use for marshmellow cream which is:

open tub,
grab spoon,
shovel in mouth till caught.


Iggy Enigma said...

when you said "dumbest movie ever" i was SURE you meant Idiocracy. seriously folks. don't see that one either. unless you really, i mean REALLY love stale groaner jokes and Luke Wilson acting like Keanu Reeves. when i say acting i mean in the sense that they use in the industry. in fact i think the movie would have been better in its own way if Keanu Reeves was the star rather than Luke Wilson standing in for him.

The Carrie Collection said...

A friend of Iggy's is a friend 'o mine! Thanks for the comment. I don't think people realize how much I friggin' love getting comments. Especially from hip East coast people. I feel so hick reading about quinoa and manchego cheese. Haha. One day I'll fit into the social status quo of the East coast elite. One day.

P.S. Go llamas!

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