Oct 3, 2007

Rocktober 2nd - Rocky Votolato@The Rock and Roll Hotel

Last nights show was...AWESOME! Like spit on your face, kick you in the gut fantastic.
Go buy the new album from Portugal the Man. Their music is fabulous to dance to. Stop reading this right now and go buy it. Also buy Rocky's new album, The Brag and Cuss. I already have it and it's fantastic.

I'm not really going to blog about Rocktober 2nd, because Iggy already did a pretty damn good job of it. And afterall, I don't want to be redundant after all. So go check out her blog, by clicking on my side link, The Best Friend. I can't seem to hook my links today.

I'm traveling. I'm actully sitting in one of my old favorite hang out spots in Salt Lake City, Nostalgia Cafe. It's so...nostalgic. Actually I've only been here 2 or 3 times, but they have really really large sandwiches. And amazing molasses cookies. No, I'm not even kidding. They are chewy, they have a sharp flavor, they are sprinkled with sugar. And if you check out yesterdays selection of cookies, they are only 50 cents! Woo! Wooooo!! Yah!!

I'll be here until next week, mid week. But I still will be blogging intermittenly. You don't have to stop reading, because I'll be hanging out with my sisters for the next week and interesting stories are bound to be blogged. Bound to be blogged, that's right.

Want to know how dedicated I am to skipping out of work for a week and having laughy times with my family? I woke up this morning at 3:15 AM. I walked 15 minutes with my suitcase to the train station. Took a 4:00 AM train to the airport (I love trains! Why haven't I taken them before??) Stretched out on the empty row and fell asleep on the first plane. Had a layover in Houston. Fell asleep on a chair by my gate. Luckily a woman was kind enough to tap me on the shoulder when the plane was boarding. Then I tried to watch Trainspotting on the flight to SLC. Oh my gosh, don't ever EVER watch that movie if you are as averse to drugs as I. Drug movies make me seriously nauseated.
3 things I don't like/scare me:
1. Spiders
2. Drug movies
3. Very tall people

Anyway I made it to Salt Lake by noon, 2pm EST. It's baby time. And whore time. Wow. That sounds bad. Sounds like I'm going to be having me a lot of lovin time, which is totally untrue. I'm going to be spending time with babies and whores. But not together. Oh geez. Never mind.