Nov 23, 2009

chicago: back.

well, it was everything i thought it would be and more. except not really because i was pretty much forced to stay in the hotel all day long, conferencing, and never seeing the light of day and only breathing fresh air after 9:00pm.
but! i did:
1. go to the 95th floor of the hancock tower
2. go to a jazz supper club
3. see the blues brothers perform twice
4. dance with blues brothers and booty bump some of my work-mates
5. take the El to bucktown and buy a bunch of records
6. went to vintage store and scored some excellent vintage things
7. eat a lot of deep dish pizza (ug, i'm STILL full)

and it seemed like i was gone forever.
then i came back and had a really pretty great memorable weekend. stay tuned for details...

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