Nov 13, 2009


here i come.

so much to do. so many side plans. i hope i find a friend who wants to tour around the city with me! if not, this is why ipods are so nice to have around. download some podcasts and good new music and i'm set.

but seriously, no chicago recommendations from anyone? which record store do i go to? where do i go to see a good band? what's a good coffee shop? vintage shop? clothes shop? SHOES SHOP? so many worries, you'd think i didn't even have a conference to go to.


Sherpa said...

I was there for a few days last year while my mom was at a convention so I spent the days by myself as a tourist. They have tea shops in Chicago! I'm a tea drinker so I thought that was great. I forget the name of the shops, but they are almost as prevalent as Starbucks in other towns.
The architectural boat ride is really worth it. Very cool, way to see the city and learn about it's rich history.

Gold Coast Dogs is a local chain, but I uh, almost hate to admit this but I head over heels fell in love with Chicago Hot Dogs there.

Go see the bean!

I spent some time in China town which was fun, as was going to Wrigley. I thought going to the Threadless store would've been fun, but didn't make it there.

I could go on, but that's probably more than enough.

hanner said...

bah, i should have commented before. i've never been to chicago but we have a lot of friends that live out there! you should facebook my friend ayca gokcen who lives there. if you're into that kind of thing. ayca and i haven't even met in real life before (she met my mom and dad on an airplane) so whatever.

Jill said...

I am a native. I'll make you a list if you want