Nov 30, 2009

perfect weekend.

a few things that happened this weekend:

1. after a movie at tysons corner mall, we came out of the theatre at 12:30ish, and this is what we saw. they opened up the mall at midnight for black friday shopping and the lines and crowds were out of control.
2. we ate dinner and sipped cocoa at busboys and poets. TH made the spoon float on top of the cocoa, which i took as a sign that he is still a mad scientist at heart.

3. we renewed memberships at costco, and TH had the hiccups when they were taking his picture, AND his shirt was the exact color as the photo booth background. which i took as a sign that $50 is worth a membership this year. i haven't laughed so hard in a really long time.

so yes, a good weekend. also full of entirely too much food (which explains why i got sick one night. blerg.) what did you do?

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