Nov 2, 2009

still traveling. i still love ny.

east village veselka late night dinner, meeting up with my sweetie in one of my favorite cities, vintage and thrifting in brooklyn and billyburg, brunch with friends at community food and juice, walk through central park, the guggenheim (finally!), shopping in soho, rainy night in the algonquin watching dumb movies on a big comfy bed, bagels and bialys at kossers, donuts at the doughnut plant, pickles from the pickle guy (best sour pickle of my life), marathon spectatoring, church and catching up with old friends, dinner at westville (aghh my favorite the food is SO good but be prepared to wait, there are only like 10 tables inside), and back to the algonquin to finish up the weekend.

i'm exhausted. and sooo fat.

in the airport for my big kansas trip. afterwhich i will surely be saying to myself, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" click click.

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hanner said...

i love kansas!! i think i told you about this before. spending 10 hours in a car driving through will do a lot for a person's love (or hate) for a state.