Nov 4, 2009

the new transition team

the new virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, isn't making any pretenses.

he just named his transition team, and its chock full of all the usual repub suspects.

5 co-chairs of the team are:
1. Kay Cole James, president of the Gloucester Institute, and board member of ultra conservative Heritage Foundation
2. Bill Bolling, Lt Gov of VA
3. Bill Mims, Attorney General of VA
4. Bobbie Kilberg, president and CEO of Northern Virginia Technology Council, and former Bush appointee
5. and the nail in the coffin: Tom Ferrell, CEO of Dominion Resources - the evil king of coal in Virginia and mid-atlantic states.

Apparently him and Tom were super good friends in high school.'s that climate and energy legislation looking, gov-elect McDonnell? What's going to happen in this and other southern states who are completely controlled by utilities who want nothing to do with forward looking technologies? They're already being left in the dust as many, many other states are building their economies to be leaders in clean energy. This is something that Virginia is hardly able to do with the way utilities are allowed to function. If the southern states don't move on this, federal action will likely take place, and all other states who already have energy efficiency, renewable, and climate plans in place are going to benefit. And Virginia ratepayers will see their bills rise.

I need to move.


Jen Evans said...

Yeah, and NOVEC totally won the smartgrid bid.

eric said...

I am really excited about this evil king of coal person. I suspect that he wears some type of crown and cape with fur trim combination? I would also imagine that he is always a little sooty from dealing with the folks in the mines. Any way you can get a picture and post it?

Jen Evans said...

Also, to avoid mom-isms you shouldn't giggle inappropriately or for a non-funny reason, avoid the 'ghost voice', and well, enouch said with the ghost voice. HmmmmM!!!M!MM!M!M!

Also, don't say burp as you burp.

Steve said...

Yeah, VA took several steps back Tuesday night. Although I didn't like Deeds and still voted for him, at least he wasn't going to turn VA into 1950's Alabama. :(

Josh said...

So what do you consider a 'Clean' Energy? How will Virginia see rate increases by not implementing a Climate Plan?