Nov 9, 2009

time out for monday.

oh, i'm sorry weekend, it's mondays turn to come in and unrelax me. awesome.

work is going to be crazy this week, and i'll be out next week for a conference, then the week after that i'll be prepping all week until the week after that, which i'll be out again for a conference.

i hope i don't fall off the face of the earth in the next month. i just need to make it through.

this weekend was so fun. taylors deli and rock and roll hotel on friday (to see nicole atkins and the sea). saturday was shopping with annie and then a late night falafel at amsterdam (the best!) and saturday night live - the funniest i've seen in sooo long. sunday was church, a drive on rock creek parkway, afternoon nap, then delicious dinner with friends.

if all weekends could be so relaxing and perfect.

so...does anyone have recommendations for things to do in chicago?


Jill said...

I never watch SNL, but it made me want to start!

Iggy Bloggit said...

was that the one with taylor swift? i randomly watched that one on hulu the other day and i never watch snl so that would be crazy. since i don't have the frame of reference of recent episodes to compare it to i don't know whether it qualified as funniest in sooo long or not -- hmm

ps it was awesome to run into you a block from my house