Dec 6, 2010

the cold snap.

not to be outdone by january, december decided to be a super cold month. does anyone else feel like it kind of came without warning? luckily this now means that snow is a possibility and i am just nearly ready for snow. got my boots, got my hat, but i do need to stock up on gloves and a really warm coat. i'm looking for a really warm mid-length puffer coat here, here, and here but it's so hard to shop online. any suggestions from my fellow cold-weather friends?


hanner said...

stay inside in bed under your down comforter. works for me every time.

Jen Evans said...

No no no! No snow! It was cool and fun when we were kids and we got off school, but do you know what snow means to me? Driving in the snow. And you know that is not a safe thing for me to do!!

Dana said...

I bought this coat several years ago. The total opposite of cute and fashionable, as it has zero tailoring and goes straight down. It's kind of like walking around in a down sleeping back, although, that's also the best part about it, especially when navigating the windy canyons of Manhattan.