Dec 21, 2010


back from disney world and suffering from post-vacation head cold. the week was exhausting and wonderful. my dad completely spoiled everyone and we all had a great time staying up late, watching fireworks show after fireworks show, laughing at the babies, riding scary rides with tanner, riding scary rides with brooklyn and lizzie (4 and 3 yrs) "i don't want to be on this ride anymore" - at the ET ride, and eating entirely too much food. seriously, my pants laugh at me every time i try to button them. but look at all the fun!

lalala- disney world is so magical at night.

brooklyn kept me entertained most of the trip. and she is a hand holder, which makes me infinitely happy.
before mt everest roller coaster, best ride in the whole park!

TH did have his mouse ears but refused to wear them on friday on account of all the roller coaster riding. and don't worry, he had the boy mouse ears.
and we all pretty much felt like this by the end of the week.

lastly, i cannot express how happy giggly girls and fireworks make me. lizzie and brooklyn playing with bubbles before the fireworks show.


Jen Evans said...

Man I still feel like that. Sleep allll day please!

Red Boots said...

Looks like and wonderful trip! And the ET ride is one of my favourite things ever!