Dec 7, 2010

monday night, family night.

we don't often do a strictly "family night" with mark and me, since it's just the 2 of us. well, last night we lived it up like families do.
1. we looked through wedding pictures and video. yay for our new family!*
2. we drove to target and talked to our families on the way (and my brother was ALSO at target, but in utah. we tend to think alike).
3. purchased christmas decorations and hung them on the tree with care.
4. grocery shopping!
5. we filled out applications for a new apartment and just crossing everything that we get it. it's exactly what we want and the bedroom is a log cabin bedroom, it's so cozy and hilarious. please let me sleep in a lodge bedroom.
6. cuddling and watching Friday Night Lights - we are on the 3rd season and can't get enough. i love that show.

anyway, i feel like we had some great together time for our little family. me, mark, and the christmas tree. we're just all so happy together.

* yesterday marked 9 months that we've been married. i seriously cannot believe this.


Jen Evans said...

I have been at Target, called Amber, and she was also at Target. I think Target is just a mecca for our family. Do you smile really big when you walk in? I do.

naomi megan. said...

we went to target last night too! and we bought our first little package of baby diapers together (size 1 diapers are sooooo teeny!).... so i kind of feel like last night was monumental for us, kind of like your 9 month anniversary, in a way....haha.

i really hope you get that apartment... also, i want to see your christmas tree! and i need to get on this friday night lights train. i keep hearing about it.


hanner said...

you guys are so good. we have had approximately three FHEs in our 2.5 years of marriage. i guess you could count robbie's attempt at an oh-so-mormon casserole last night an FHE activity. (we ran out of food, except for cream of mushroom soup.)

mike said...

My favorite part of Monday night? watching the front door of target and waiting to see you and Mark walk in.

D. said...

ahh, friday night lights. a girl after my own heart.