Dec 1, 2010

goodbye warm weather.

it was 62 degrees this morning and now my thermometer tells me it is 42 and dropping. eeks! at times like these, it's fun to reflect on how you get from 62 to 42 in a matter of hours.

it was 62 degrees when i left my house this morning.

right as i came out of the metro, the wind picked up and i honestly could not walk forward for a few steps. i had to drag my umbrella like a heavy dog into a starbucks just to escape the wind. it was madness, i tell you.

i hid out for a few minutes waiting for the wind to die down, then swung the door back open for round two. now i was only a block and a half from my office.

just then, the wind picked back up so i just trudged forward with my umbrella closed unTIL the heavens opened up and the rain started pouring the heaviest rain of my life. WITH the wind still blowing.

I couldn't put up my umbrella so i just ran to work holding the closed umbrella in front of my face (i'm sure i looked like a goon).

i reached my office, and took a look in the mirrored door and saw a lady that looked like a poor little drowned rat with a bad haircut.

what a way to start the day.

hello december, welcome to my life. now if you can just turn that rain into snow, we can start talking business.


hanner said...

my umbrella is totally busted. i looked like a fool trying to use it today so i gave up and walked in the drizzle, but luckily, i got inside about 10 minutes before the crazy rain/wind (rind? wain?) started.

naomi megan. said...

it was awful out today. i wish it'd just snow already and stop this rain/wind/ cold thing.

i say we all book tickets to a beach getaway until the snow shows up.

nomadic gnome said...

um, ok!! beach vacation sounds like a dream.