Dec 9, 2010

tea run.

today, a quick walk to whole foods for a new tea resulted in this. maybe i went a little crazy in the grocery department, but i did get a few new teas to try. i have high hopes for the honeybush.
(and look! i can make my own teas now with all those cardamom pods and nutmeg!)

i am also trying out new salad dressings in an effort to like salad that isn't $7.50 at sweetgreen. so i feel that is worthwhile, don't you think?


hanner said...

brianna's makes a delicious saucy ginger mandarin dressing that i just love. i couldn't find it for a couple of years but they just happened to have it at the crystal city harris teeter (and i just happened to be there a couple of weeks ago..?) and i've died and gone to salad heaven.

Abigail Leigh said...

Man. Oregon Chai. Best chai ever! Seriously though.