Feb 15, 2012

3 months!

I'm rotten at keeping a journal lately, so this is my record for baby H. 3 months and counting, where does the time go?

Henry, you are 3 months old now. I know this is so cliched, but I cannot believe how fast time has passed. Weren't you just a little newborn in my arms, us trying to figure out how to survive with each other? Now 3 months later, I'm getting ready to return to work and you will go with your new nanny and we will try to figure out how to survive without each other (at least during the day!)
You have grown up so much in the past month, especially in the past week. We are starting to see peeks of your sweet personality, and I'm dying to see more! You always seem to be focused on something, and will intensely stare at something until we distract you away from it. You like to play with your little baby gym, and dad and mom love to sit next to you and watch you try to laugh and grab the little rings above your head. You are so happy in the mornings, kicking your legs and cooing. When we pick you up, you jump up and down on our laps. I like to pretend its because you missed us all night long.
You still aren't sleeping all that great, you wake up 2-3 times a night to eat, but you go right back to sleep sweetly. You still take 3-4 naps during the day.
You are a CHUNK, weighing in at around 15 1/2 pounds now. You are all cheeks, mister, and I'm convinced that is why you don't smile very often. It must be hard for you, poor thing.
Henry, 3 months.
You have a terribly sweet smile and are starting to find your laugh, a little bit. It's all inside your mouth, but we're hoping soon you'll open your mouth and let that laugh out!
You found your hands last week! You stuck out your fists in front of you and just stared at them for a few minutes, and then, you started grabbing at toys and holding them right after that! Baby milestone! We were so proud of you! And now you're an old pro at it.
We finally got a bumbo seat and you cannot get enough of it. You sat in it for 30 minutes today.
Henry in bumbo, 3 months.
You scare easily. In the past week I've accidentally made you jump about 5 times. It's so interesting to see how high you jump out of your chair or your seat - you have so much muscle you don't use!
When you are really sad you stick your lower lip out really far for about 5 seconds, and then the tears come. It's so cute, it hurts.
You are just starting to find the range of emotions you can express. You are rarely mad or sad or happy, but mostly just content or bothered. And when you are bothered you give us the cough cry. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. It's pretty cute, too.

They call this next month the personality month. So, let's see what you got for us little Henry. We love you more and more every day.


Jen Evans said...

That last picture is so Henry.

DeeAura said...

That post is the most precious thing I have ever read. Love it. :) He's SO cute!

Laura K said...

Can I snuggle your baby