Feb 6, 2012

here we go again.

if you've seen me in the past few days, you'll have heard this news already (i'm having trouble staying quiet about it): we are moving!

our friends recently moved to utah (boo!! we miss you guys!) and i casually asked them what they were doing with their house, not thinking anything would really come from it. but i stopped by their house a few weeks ago and it just felt so perfect for us. i was holding my breath for weeks, hoping it would work out, and we are signing the lease tomorrow. hoorah!

our friends moved into the house when they had a little boy henry's age, and when they left they had 2 little boys and a brand new baby girl (named Julie!). so now we get to move in with our sweet little boy and watch him grow with plenty of room to crawl around and bump his head on the doors and fill the rooms with laughter. and who knows, maybe see our family grow a little more in the next few years, too!

we move in just a few short weeks. and here are the things we are excited for:
no more basement
huge windows and lots of natural light
henry gets his own room
we get our own room!
hardwood floors -- goodbye carpet
we get to stay on the Hill, and move closer to our favorite sandwich place on the Hill (Mark is no doubt very pleased about this)
backyard patio
bathtub for baby baths (and mama baths)
lots of storage

oh. mah. goodness. is this what heaven feels like?


Lisa Maria said...

Congratulations, you guys! This is such a win, win!

EmlovesJames said...

Yeah! I love that house!

Laura K said...

I think a visit is in order.

Jay and Heath said...

Wahoo! Congrats, congrats! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home... and to watch your familia grow in it :)

emily said...

your new place sounds like a dream. can't wait to see photos!