Feb 10, 2012

things coming together. sort of.

yes, we found a new apartment.
we also found a nanny for little Hen. a sweet nanny i am in love with, and can't wait for Henry to speak 2 languages! (or one, for that matter)
kind of learning to multi-task: eat lunch, while putting on makeup, bouncing the baby and squeezing his foot to make him smile, google "sleep training" every other hour.
still can't figure out how people get their babies to sleep through the night?? will this happen?
listening to sharon von etten and wishing we could find a babysitter to sit in our house with a sleeping baby on a saturday night while we go to her concert at the Black Cat (impossible).

met up with some colleagues this week, feeling nervous to go back to work, wishing i cared more about my career...can't think about anything else but baby. i wonder if this will change...

and onto the weekend. another jam-packed saturday filled with errands, errands, errands. just setting up and getting ready for our new life! life as working parents with a sweet babe!


The Sullengers said...

It will get easier to go to work and find the balance you need. Especially knowing that Henry is getting taken care of. And how exciting to be moving into a larger space. Henry having his own room will probably help with sleeping, but kids just have a personality of their own. My kids sleep through the night, but it's no thanks to me. They are just that way - I think it is because they are chubby and well fed :)

Eliza said...

Yeah, he'll figure it out eventually. And then you'll look back and think... "eh...that wasn't so bad!" Be careful though...that's the kind of thinking that makes you want another one...haha.

Theo was 10 months old, Ida was 6 months old (forced her to cry it out--not a happy time and I wish I could do that over), and Lars is finally sleeping through the night at 8 months, sort of. I decided to put the kibosh on nursing between the hours of 6 p.m. and 5 a.m. (unless he is sick) but he still wakes up and calls out every few hours throughout the night. Sometimes he goes all night, sometimes not. Usually he goes back to sleep on his own, sometimes he needs a quick hug. We're slowly breaking him. That sounds so heartless but as I like to say to Lars whenever his needs aren't being met "RIGHTNOW": "Sorry, buddy--you're part of a family." A family which loves him but needs sleep.

Already life is so much happier with a few more hours of sleep. It will come.

And if you find a babysitter you trust, I say go out anyway. (maybe the new nanny would do it?) They get paid for a reason! If he wakes up and cries it will make the evening that much more interesting for her. easier said than done, I know. I never left my babies with anyone but family until the baby could be trusted to sleep at least until 10 p.m.!

I love your preparations for your new life. I only work part-time but I know how hard it is to leave when the baby is so small (my babies were 2 months and 4 months, respectively, when I went back). Working is great, being a mom is great. You'll find the balance that works for all of you.

Eliza said...

longest comment ever, sorry!!