Feb 22, 2012

last day.

Henry and mom, last night before going back to work.
monday was my last day at home with henry before becoming a working mom. i was nursing him during the day, thinking about how much he eats during one feeding and trying to add up in my head how many bottles i will have to prepare for the nanny, and i just started crying. emotional, sobby motherly crying. i couldn't stand the thought of somebody else getting to spend these sweet moments with him, and it made me a little mad to think about it.
i'm trying to stay positive, and to be honest i wonder if i'll like the separation that will make me appreciate every single moment with him while we are together. we will see.

for our last day together, henry woke up at 4am and didn't want to go back to sleep. maybe he knew and wanted to spend all the time he could with me before i went back to work. haha. when i put him down for his morning nap, i slept a glorious sleep and mark took him when he woke up, so it was a lovely morning of snoozing.

we took a quick trip to stock up on things at Target, then back home to start packing and make meals for the week. we had a celebratory dinner at Cafe Rio with some friends, and put Henry to bed early. it was a perfect day.
cafe rio.
that face.
14 weeks.


Laura K said...

Those cheekies!

communikate. said...

oh man, i'm so worried about having to return to work after having a kid (and i'm not even pregnant yet.) i hope it's an easy transition for you!

and so jealous you have a cafe rio near you! man, what i would give for a pork burrito right now.

Amy said...

Hope you're hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

So sweet a picture of him and Eleanor together.

Good luck to the working mom.

P-Cute said...

i hope the week is turning out to be okay :). and lets move to Canada next time and partake of their glorious mat leave!!

emily said...

you inspire me! I am sure it is so hard. and I am very curious to know all your thoughts on the matter. hope your heart is feeling ok and you can decide what is best and where to find a balance.
ps it is so weird to see you all at cafe rio :)

naomi megan. said...

i'm so proud of you, julie. we love you guys.

Nicole Lauren said...

Hi there. I randomly came upon your blog awhile back and don't normally comment but I felt compelled after reading your post. I relate 100%, although I have a few more weeks before I go back to work...it weighs pretty heavily on me. Anyways, no real point to this comment other than to say you aren't alone. =)