Feb 24, 2012

goodbye and hello.

our house is a disaster right now. boxes everywhere, picture frames lining the baseboards, furniture dissembled...it's moving weekend!! i cannot wait to go from this...

to this.

and now i can start obsessing over how to arrange our house, and where to put the bridge picture and our coke tin lady, and should the couch face the fireplace or just sit next to it, and should we ditch the TV or not, and where is the best place to buy plants in DC?!

hooray for moves. can't wait to share some pictures of our new digs once we get settled.

ps henry is moving from his bassinet next to our bed to a CRIB in his own room. not sure who will have worse separation anxiety - him or me!


naomi megan. said...

i think after you, i am the second most excited about all this! yay for gorgeous floors, a fireplace AND brick walls! and henry's own little crib in his own little space? talk about living the life, lady! but even better, you're living closer to us! hip hip hooray.

Veronica said...

Your new place looks so pretty. I still haven't brought myself to make the move to the crib. It's just so far away!