Feb 12, 2012

right now.

home from eating dinner with in-laws + my mom. love them, and feel so spoiled to have family so close.
i hear a mouse in the utility closet. scratch, scratch, scratch. he'll probably cut the hot water supply off or something, just my luck.
baby is sleeping.
eating cold pancakes from this mornings feast.
looking at my sleeping baby, too afraid to move him from his carseat.
looking at sheets for henry's new crib. i made sheets for his bassinet, but i can't imagine finding the time to make sheets for his crib.
making big plans for my last full week at home before i go back to work. so bittersweet. mostly bitter. i've gone through more emotional transitions in the past year than in my entire life. it's completely nuts.

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P-Cute said...

sorry about the bitter part (and the mouse!). the first world USA sure has a HORRIBLE maternity leave policy (FMLA)- i find it rather inhumane and very anti-feminist. i picked the wrong country to have a baby in because back home i am eligible for 53 wks paid maternity leave at 60% of my salary (caps at a certain amount) with 100% job protection. anyways, i'll get off my soapbox and i wish you the best!