Apr 16, 2012

5 months.

Henry boy, 5 months looks so good on you. You are kicking, smiling, yelling, singing, grabbing, laughing, and just being all around a pretty cute little guy.
5 months old.
A few things you've learned lately:
1. You are just barely learning how to sit up on your own. As in, just yesterday. You don't tip over immediately anymore, you can hold your sit up for about 5 seconds before tipping over.
2. You grabbed your foot yesterday. You are discovering other parts of your body, too, as evidenced by that diaper change yesterday (Don't pull on it, baby!)
3. You learned how to bounce last week. Nanny has been letting you play in the little jumper toy and she saw you bouncing and laughing! She said you looked so proud of yourself (I'm sure you were). So we quickly purchased a little jumper for you to play in at home, and oh the smiles and laughs we hear now! We never wanted all those plastic baby stuff taking over our house, yet, here we are and I don't even care - we just want you to be happy!
5 months, mom and hen at the new house
Speaking of happy, we know that Mr. Henry is a happy boy, but if it's not the hardest thing to get that boy to crack a smile, let alone a LAUGH. he is stone face henry, mr. serious, living up to his serious name, Henry George. He smiles a bunch when he wakes up, and occasionally I can get him to laugh by tickling under his arms or neck. But he really makes you work for it!
5 months old and just about sitting up on his own.
He is happy to be looking. He just wants to look at everything (he has since he was a tiny baby!), and soak it all in. We sit on the front steps most evenings and just watch the neighbors and puppies and kitties. It seems to really calm him, so obviously we do it quite a bit.
Still not a great sleeper, we are working on it. We phased him out of his swaddle this month in anticipation of him rolling over, which he has yet to do, but gets SO close. His naps are getting better and he sleeps through the night at least 1-2 times a week. The other morning, we woke up at 7am, brought him into bed with us, and he slept another THREE HOURS. Yes, we all slept in on Saturday morning until 10am. It was the best present anyone has ever given me. Thanks Henry.
He is a great eater, and we think this is the month to start him on solids. He's starting to grab at food, so we think it's almost time. He grabbed at the sacrament tray yesterday in church, so either he's hungry, or he's ready to be a devout follower of Christ. Then he grabbed my plate yesterday, and nearly got a handful of my singapore noodles. Mark and I looked at each other and said, "It begins!".
He talks up a storm these days. Just started with the mamamamamama the other day, and the lip trills, too. It's so adorable, I just find myself listening and laughing most of the time. 
5 months, dad and hen at the new house
I am obsessed with his chubby legs, his chubby arms, his fat cheeks, and his roly poly belly. I just want to cuddle up with him all day long and squeeze that chunky baby! And every day that passes, I just think he looks more and more like Mark. It's so cute. Happy 5 months, Hen!


Nicole Lauren said...

What an adorable roly poly boy!

Laura K said...

So you're coming to visit soon right? We are having a nice spring...

DRMama said...

Gosh, he is so adorable! :) Our daughter is the same with the seriousness. You really have to work for smiles (other than first thing in the morning), but I think that makes them even more special when you get one!

Stephanie said...

I love that stone face! It's so charming. And I've got to believe that working for smiles and giggles is fulfilling in its own right.