Apr 23, 2012

new week.

this past weekend was an awesome sandwich with lame meat.
we had friends over for dinner on friday and i successfully cooked buttery fish and roasted asparagus, and made a new spinach salad with blackberries, avocado, and other yummies with a red wine vinegrette. dessert was a ganache poundcake which we sliced using a very sharp knife into teeny slivers, so we could eat like 5 pieces per person. it made me feel awesome.
saturday we woke up at 7am with Henry boy, and we went for a little walk around our neighborhood to check out the new farmers market, bought some farm fresh eggs, then came home and made egg sandwiches. then i jaunted into georgetown for furniture shopping while mark stayed home with the babe (which was lucky for me because he had a blowout while i was gone. could you imagine if i had brought him with!) that night i watched episodes of the new girl on Hulu. have you been watching it? we didn't like it at first, but it has been so funny lately.
sunday was sleeping in for mama, big breakfast for all of us, long nap for Henry, church, and the night ended in lameness. mark and i can't agree about house stuff, so we just end up bickering about it. i hate it.
so our house is a wreck because we can't decide where to put anything, i have a new chair that i (kind of) love and he does not like, and this weekend rain didn't motivate us to get to the stores we need to in order to finish putting the house together.
anyway, what i could really use is another saturday like right now. anyone have one available?

ps - to top it off, we both admitted over the weekend that we hate the couch! the couch we agonized over and waited 3 months to have delivered. we are so messed up.


hanner said...

dude. we'll take your couch.

kendra @ little almanac said...

I'm replying to your comment from my blog. You're Julie, right? I hope that doesn't sound creepy that I know that but we've briefly met twice before at Naomi's. Thanks for the congrats! We are super excited. We find out Monday the gender. Eek. I can't believe your little guy is already so big! What a stud :)

emily said...

uh oh. good stuff didn't make the cut. what about the great chocolate milkshake spill of 2012?
thanks for hanging :)