Apr 19, 2012

this week.

How is it Thursday already? This has been a crazy busy week, and one full of fun impromptu activities.

Tuesday I asked Mark to come home early from work to put Henry to bed while I had a "me" date. I took myself shopping in Georgetown, grocery shopping at Trader Joe's where I bought myself doughnuts and some chocolate treats, then when I got home I read a magazine. It was a lovely lovely date, and I think I'll be asking myself out again real soon.

Wednesday our friends invited us to a baseball game using some VIP tickets scored from the office. We bouged it up in the President's Club, eating mounds of (free) food, popcorn and candy, and enjoying the amazing seats behind homeplate. I think I'm forever ruined for baseball games and goodness knows if I can ever enjoy the $15 seats again. I mean people just brought you FREE FOOD and ICE CREAM and whatever you wanted all night. Mark ate so much that when I met him for lunch today, he said he was still full. It was truly gluttonous. We decided on the way home that Mark would rather have 1 night of pure, unending gluttony in exchange for 2 weeks of groceries (which was about the face value of the tickets). Anyway, we had a great time and our friend was sweet enough to come over and hang out at our house while Henry slept soundly upstairs. It always amazes me when last minute plans can work out like that.

And now it's Thursday and we have a fun weekend planned, complete with hopefully doing something to my hair. Since Henry, my hair has been falling out all over the place and I look like I have feathers for hair. Ick.

And I'll leave you with a video of Henry bouncing in his new jump jump. I've never seen anything else elicit such smiles and excitement from this guy, and I don't think he is even a little miffed that he has to jump on top of a book to touch the floor. Sorry for the weird format.

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Amanda Jane Jones said...

How cute are you. I love that you took yourself out. It sounds like fun...and what a cute little bouncer! ;)