Apr 13, 2012

desperate scousewives

Last night one of Marks old friends from growing up stopped by. Him and his wife are now living in Liverpool, (back in the US for a couple weeks to eat Mexican food and drink mountain dew) and apparently they are not as much in love with it as I think I would be. To me, England = beauty, regal everything, lovely accents, architecture, etc. Well, apparently Liverpool is a little different. Marks friends introduced us to Desperate Scousewives (they call some people in Liverpool "scouse") Not sure why?. These Liverpule accents are insane. England meets Scotland meets...I don't know? I'm so bad at deciphering English accents anyway (I have to watch The Office - british version -  with subtitles), so this is a new level of confusion. Ha.


Emilie said...

When I went to England I found it kind of dirty and dumpy. Of course, I didn't see the entire country...mostly London. Still, I wasn't a fan.

I much preferred France.

Emilie said...

Also, I understood every word. :)

caitymay said...

We call people who are from Liverpool 'scousers' – I'm not sure why either but it's just a nickname! We also call people who are from Newcastle 'Geordies'. Liverpool is a great city, really buzzing and full of life and energy, with a very working class past (think docks, factories etc). The accents truly are crazy, though! They're English with a strong hint of north Wales (Liverpool is right next to north Wales).

Also, Emilie: yes, London is quite dirty – it's a huge city with massive polution. But the English/Welsh/Scottish countryside is exquisitely beautiful. If you come back again, make the effort to get outside of London – you'll find a whole different place.

Lisa Maria said...

It's like Eliza Doolittle! I had a Spanish professor from Spain who learned English in Liverpool. That was about the craziest English accent I've ever heard. We just stuck to Spanish, haha.