Nov 20, 2012

Henry's 1st Birthday Party

Henry turned one. On his birthday, we shared a mini cupcake with him that was met with a sort of uninterested dismissal of the sugar bomb. He doesn't like to be forced to do anything (I wonder where he gets that from...).
That sort of prepared me for his birthday party, where he was sitting in front of a few more people and seemed to be more interested in playing with his friends than eating a dumb old cupcake (his words, not mine!).  His birthday party was a super fun little celebration for all of us. Happy to have him in our family, happy he is growing into such a fun little bug, and happy to have-all of us-survived and thrived. We thought it might be fun to get our food truck to cater the party, and luckily it worked out perfectly! So I didn't have to worry so much about feeding lunch to 30 people, instead they just waited outside for a few minutes, picked up a gourmet hot dog, and came back inside to party. It was a dream and I'm glad Dave was available to cater!
I'll let the photos do the talking. They tell a pretty good story.

 Totally uninterested. He was like what the heck is this mom. Gross.
 We switched cupcakes in the middle thinking maybe he'd like chocolate better?

 Hey ok, maybe he does like cupcakes! Way to go chocolate goatee, nice look!
Just kidding, he hated it. Just nonchalantly shoving cake in my babies face while he sobs. Mom fail. At least Hunter thinks it's funny.

 The afterparty. Playing with toys and bonding with family and friends.

 Henry with his little friend, Gray Gray. They hang out every day and are best buddies...most of the time. :)
 Loves his new firetruck. Thanks Papa!


2nd said...

What an adorable little guy. Happy Birthday Henry!

emily said...

happy birthday to henry! i really love the story told in these photos. i've never seen someone so sad to eat a cupcake. he's so cute.

Laura K said...

i am getting on shutterfly and making a book out of these pictures. A BOOK