Nov 1, 2012

Henry's first Halloween

Well, well, well. It was quite a different Halloween for us folk'n down here. Usually Mark and I scramble last minute to put something together and most often end up wearing a trash bag or something equally hideous to any halloween parties we attend. This year, Henry and I schlepped it to the fabric store 2 weeks ago, I broke out the sewing machine, and MADE our costumes. The first - and last - year that I will probably do that. When you are a lousy seamstress, like-a-mahself, you do whatever you can to make it work. Full time employment and full time momming and full time costume maker is just asking for it. As it were, with my trusty hot glue gun by my side and some trimmings to hide the uneven stitches, I made our little Henry George king for a day.

He won best costume at our friends halloween party last weekend, and he helped me give out candy last night in our neighborhood. And he may or may not have chewed on a twizzler for some of the night. It's halloween, people. He was bouncing around the whole night, waving at everyone who came to our stoop, and even flirting with another little queen. Boy is on top of the game.

Kudos to Mark for making the coat of arms, modeled after our actual family coat of arms. And kudos to Henry for actually keeping on his tunic the whole night, despite his strong preference to just wear the bowl of candy.

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communikate. said...

Oooh... he's cute. Love this get up! :)