Nov 26, 2012

Not traveling.

Mark was in Kenya last week. For Thanksgiving. For the record, it stinks having a husband away on business for holidays. Also for the record, Henry is teething and is letting me know by screaming at nights and wanting to cuddle during the day (bless him). Needless to say, a clingy baby and a missing husband has resulted in me getting absolutely nothing done last week. We did, however, manage to watch a bit of The Sound of Music. Halfway into the opening scene with Maria twirling around singing, Henry turned to me and smiled this huge closed mouth grin, and I smiled back at him, then he turned around and watched for another few minutes. Then he was off again...cruising. Fitting into tight Henry-sized spaces. Clearing off the bookshelf. Opening and closing all the doors he can find. Sticking his little fingers through the mail slot. Boy is busy these days. It is exhausting. I am grateful today for the time we had to spend together last week, but thank goodness Mark is back! I'm a tired momma.

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