Nov 9, 2012

Sleeping + Henry hits some milestones.

Last night I put Henry to bed at 7pm. He was exhausted, fussy, throwing tantrums, and just generally freaking out, so it was to bed a little earlier than usual. After he went down, I thought, gee I'm a little tired myself, so it was off to bed for a little cat nap that turned into a full nights sleep, waking up at 5am, which was when our sweet little Henny woke us up. His first time sleeping through the night in over a week since he got a pretty bad little cold, so we were all grateful to the little guy for giving us a full nights sleep, even if he did wake up at bloody five o clock am. But I did get a pretty solid 9 hours of sleep which has happened never since baby came along, so I was feeling really grateful this morning.

We woke up, he started crawling all over us, hitting dada's back (so funny, right Mark?), and it was off to his room for some morning play. We read books, practiced walking, and I watched him deftly leap from chair to crib to ottoman in his favorite game of "cruisin for a bruisin".

Even though these mornings come early, there really is no better way to start the day then a sweet little snotty nosed face laughing and looking at every ball-shaped thing and saying "ball. ball. ball."

Oh, right, Henry said his first word last week. Ball. The next day I was leaving and said Buh-bye Henry! And he waved and said "buh-bye". Um, what? Then an hour later, he said "mama". I think he must be figuring it out now. My heart leaped out of my chest to know that we were starting our first verbal communication with each other. It's just a new kind of love. Every new thing he does introduces a new kind of love to Mark and I and just opens up our hearts further and further. Can you tell how swoony I am over this little baby? Must be all that sleep I got last night!

ps Monday, he took his first steps. Things are about to change over here!

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