Nov 30, 2012

1 year old.

This is the last of my monthly updates for Mr. Henry. Goodness gracious, how exactly did we get here?

About a week before he turned one, he started talking and really taking steps on his own. As of today, he can walk about half the room by himself, but when he's not practicing walking by himself, he is walking around everywhere, holding on to every single thing and trying to figure everything out. He says ball, mama, dada, go, dog, more, and bubble. He can tell you what a dog, kitty, cow, and monkey say. He flirts with all kinds of people (mostly women) by cocking his head back and forth and being all cute or just practicing his royal wave. It kills me. He's eating pretty good - he loves avocados and cheese and bread and likes sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, lentils, yogurt, and occasionally pears. He still takes 2 naps, and I'm in the process of trying to give him whole milk which he thinks is crazy. He takes a sip, stops, and looks at the cup/bottle like "ummm nice try lady."

Henry lights up our life so bright and brings us so much joy. He has turned into a little charmer and makes me laugh all day long. I'm so proud of the little guy he is and grateful to be his mother. Sometimes I just sit and watch him reading a little book or dancing around or singing a little song and I try to soak it in because I'm realizing how quickly these little ones change. This week, with Mark out of town, I tried to teach him the art of snuggling. And today I can proudly say I have a cuddler on my hands. As long as he has his bear - his true love - and his paci, he will sit with me and let me snuggle him. IT MELTS MY COLD HEART. I miss baby Henry, but I am totally in love with little Henry. He's a riot and has the keen ability to endear almost anyone to him, including yours truly (obviously).


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cuddling with little ones is about the best thing there is :)

ashley canavan said...

Aww cute post. Baby/toddler snuggles are the best when he'll let me.