Jun 8, 2009


I have seriously been a big girl the past couple weeks.

I am so so so afraid of buggies. But maybe, just maybe, living in new york cured me of my inability to do anything but scream when i see a buggie.

Last thursday i had a tick on my ankle. A burrowed tick. I removed it without even crying. I only silently screamed when I was removing it. Ew. *Shudder*

Last night I came home and there was a B.A.S. (big ass spider) in my room. Just sitting on a box. You better believe I took off my shoe and smashed the ever lovingness out of him. Dead. No crying. No screaming.

Today I felt a weird thing in my shoe and I took it off and there was a cockroach in my shoe. I take off my shoes when I sit at my desk, so it must have crawled in. Well that's incredibly disgusting. No crying. Just took my shoe and smashed the crap out of him. Dead.

So what is the lesson here? I have moved from a state of fear to a state of anger. Will I ever move to a state of peaceful coexistence? Prob not. But I bet TH and my dad and other friends are glad I stopped calling them every time I found a bug in my house. Or my shoe. Ug ug ug. I feel sick.


Jen Evans said...

Today Lizzie and I were gardening and Lizzie said, "Look, Mommy, a spider" and she was pointing to the B.A.S. on my LEG!! Yikes. Screams ensued.

Eric said...

What in the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to become part of the insect kingdom? I haven't had that many run-ins with bugs in the last six months and you are throwing them down six days a week.

JD said...

love it.

peaceful coexistence is overrated. Harness and then channel the anger. Maybe you have a future as an exterminator, yet.

Sherpa said...


But anger is better than petrifying fear.

naomi megan. said...

we had never seen a camel back cricket until we moved here. i thought they were just "jumping spiders" and they scare the hell out of me. what is worse, it we have dark brownish red garden brick floors in our place so they blend in perfectly. never know if i'm going to step on one until it jumps AT ME!

i hate it.
i'll take the roaches and mice nyc offered up anyday compared to our jumping crickets.

good girl for being brave. i scream every time.