Jun 9, 2009

decorating my room.

This dresser is perfect. I want something long enough that I can put things on top of it and have it double as a sound studio and bookcase.

This is the wallpaper I ordered. My bed is in a nook, with a slanted wall. I'm covering the wall in this lovely green paper. I love it so much.
I have a white plastic chair that looks like the classic eames tulip chairs from the 70s, so I need a desk to match it. I think I have to get a white desk to make it look right. What do you think?

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hanner said...

Small world! My sister said that she has been in touch with your boyf over the past year or so and that he was in my cousin's ward when she was still in VA. Even smaller world.

And when I was in the DC2 ward I don't think I met a single person outside of the BYU interns. I just came and played the organ every few Sundays. Haha.