Jun 22, 2009

weekends are such fun.

this weekend i hit the town with my man.

after a short-lived effort to see fridays jazz in the sculpture garden (too many people and too hot!), we ducked into the natural history museum to see the new ocean exhibit. i LOVED it - they had a ton of prehistoric scary looking fish and fish-like creatures and the jaw of a giant great white shark. SCARY! afterwards we walked over to Meiwah for chinese food, where i got kung pao'd. i accidentally bit down on a skinny red pepper and honestly thought i would die. my tongue was on fire for a good 15 minutes. i hated it and therefore may never return. but it is a good chinese place in the district if you're looking. just don't eat the peppers!

saturday we brunched at our new favorite dc restaurant, Cedar in penn quarter. I had banana bread french toast - yes, they french toasted their homemade banana bread - amazing. TH had the smoked salmon and poached eggs on potato cakes with hollandaise. oh yum. Best brunch i've ever had in DC and their dinner options looked great! we chatted with an elderly woman sitting next to us, brunching alone. she was the highlight of my month, really. some favorite quips:
"you eat at a place like this and you just know you're enjoying a nice day out"
"you come here to celebrate with friends or family"
"this is just so special - dc needs this restaurant"

she was like 75 and my favorite thing ever.

later that night we went to a vegetarian dinner party and i was in heaven. lots of pineapple, curry, quinoa, exotic fruits, and red red cherries! birthday party to wrap up the night for hannah and enjoyed the company of some dc favorites.

sunday was fathers day madness. i love my family. i also love TH's family. we danced in the living room and ate cake with whipped cream among other things.

i really like being here and the weekends make me happier and happier to be a virginia girl again. back to my roots.

song of the week:
just make it through the first 15 seconds and then this will be your favorite song ever:

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hanner said...

ahh, thanks for reminding me about this song. also, i am excited to be in va. not that it was ever home. but it's exciting to think that it will be.